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Top 5 ways to have fun with your friends

We all get to that point in time where we are so tired with work and school that you feel you just need to have a break or else you’ll have a meltdown. When this time comes, you think of doing something fun with your friends but you are not exactly sure where to start. I bet most of the time you end up going for a party/club to drink and dance and nurse the craziest hangover the next morning. As contradictory as this may seem, this cycle helps us to refresh and by the time you recover, you feel like it was a weekend well spent and you get back to your normal routine.

This cycle works but now it’s time to change it up a bit. There are many other things you can do to have fun with your friends that doesn’t involve drinking/partying but you still get to have mad fun. Read on if you want to know more.

  1. Ice Skating

A great weekend plan and especially if it is your first time skating. Panari Ice Rink is the place to go to when you want to improve your ice skating skills. All you need is an hour and you will have had enough. It is quite affordable and the place is open every day.

Tip: Be prepared to fall to the ground more than once. 😀  The earlier you prepare yourself the better. You can’t learn how to skate without falling a few times but you get the hang of it eventually. So ladies, dress comfortably and also carry socks. Otherwise you will be forced to buy a new pair when you are handed your skating boots.

  1. Swimming

This is a time tested way of having a great afternoon outside in the cool water while the sun blazes on. You are guaranteed especially if you have a sizeable group of friends to go with. The only factor that can make or break your day is your choice of swimming pool. If you go to the common ones, chances are high that you will find the places too crowded for your liking. And there is nothing as bad as trying to have a swim and you keep colliding with other people’s arms and legs as they test their swimming skills against each other.

Tip: Choose a less popular and more hidden pool the next time you go for a swim and you will definitely enjoy yourself. Trust me.

  1. Watching a movie

And by this I do not mean setting up your favorite movie in your DVD player. I mean going to the cinema preferably the IMAX Cinema at 20th Century building. Those who have gone already know what I am talking about. There is just something so very thrilling about watching an IMAX 3D movie more so with your friends. At the very least you get someone to discuss the movie with after it ends. Make sure to try it out if you haven’t yet.

Tip: When buying your tickets, choose the seats at middle of the movie theatre so as to have maximum 3D visual effect. Also, Sci-fi movies are considered the best kind of movies to watch in 3D.

  1. Go-carting

Go-carts are those small cars that look like F1 race cars that can only fit one person. Splash Waterworld is where this has been happening for the longest time. Imagine racing down the track with your friends each driving their own cart. It can’t get better than that. No, wait. It actually can! (Check out Quad-biking)

  1. Quad-biking

There are only two differences between this and number 4 above. Quad bikes are much much bigger. (See picture) and you can bet they are more fun to ride. There other thing is that instead of a race track in a somewhat enclosed space, you ride them on the open field with dirt, rocks, trees, you name it. Though it is slightly more expensive than the former. You pay extra for the full wilderness experience. The place to be is Lukenya Motorcross along Mombasa Road. Totally worth it!


With such activities you can easily make your weekend awesome and unforgettable. You only need three things:

  • The crowd
  • The time
  • The budget





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