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Our kids fate.

Our kids fate.

It’s better to spend more on daycare with a higher percent of certainty that your kid is safe, than the uncertainty of your child’s safe after all. It’s better to have your child alive than losing him or her because you didn’t want to spend much on daycare. Yes, accidents do happen, but what happened to owning up to one’s mistakes? What happened to respect for human life?

It’s pained when was scrawling on social media and saw a picture of twins a boy and a girl lying on  bed helplessly  bleeding out from knife cuts. Reading the caption, the twins were inhumanely slaughtered by the househelp while their parents were at work simply because the househelp had a discrepancy with the parents and she had escaped.

This blowup my mind, but could not get answered. Just a disagreement? What did kids had to do with the issues to an extent of inhumanely slaughtered? Divergence really enough reason deserving not to live anymore? Is taking a life, not a big deal anymore, especially an innocent child’s life? This kept disturbing me for a time.

This is a social menace, after a friend told me of another incident. A mother who came home during lunch hour to breastfeed her baby, and found no one, she thought the househelp had gone somewhere with the baby. She went back to work, in the evening after work she found the same case, no one had shown up after she left. After making a few calls and asking her neighbors, no one knew where she was,

She was someone she knew so well, more of a friend than a house help, even house chores helped each other, and she decided to wait. While doing so she started tidying up the house not knowing what she would find. She opened a bucket that had been left in the living room covered with a pile of clothes. There was her baby lying helplessly dead in a pool of water, it’s like she drowned.

She didn’t know what to do. I could only imagine what was going through her mind, countless! The questions she asked herself. What did she do to her househelp to leave her baby in such a state? If it was an accident could not she have just called instead of escaping, they are friends, after all were not they?

All these incidents have left parents not trusting househelp anymore. Fear of walking home to find your kid dead. Should we opt for day cares not house househelp? Or even parents should establish a day care around their office premise and be checking on their kids whenever they can?

Keeping things professional being a househelp is a job. When we have a disagreement with the boss we don’t go smash their car or go harass his child in return. This not right, Confront the boss not what the boss holds in his heart. With what the world has come to, we have no option to guard what we hold in our hearts because it’s what our enemies would use to destroy us.

By juliet kunyu.

image credit little flower



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