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Trending Video; Girl steals Pope Francis’ hat at Vatican greeting.
Careers Crazy Cry Funny LOL

Trending Video; Girl steals Pope Francis’ hat at Vatican greeting.

It took a split second for him to realize what happened.

Careers Crazy Cry Funny LOL

Growing your skills through events

When you hear the word event, what comes to your

Careers Crazy Cry Funny LOL

Jameson live

It had a slow start, by 7:30pm the gates were


Man City Fans squeeze Pep’s Gonads After 3-1 defeat.

Man City Fans squeeze Pep’s Gonads After 3-1 defeat.

Incredibly it means Leicester City are the last man standing in the last eight for the Premier League and that Guardiola’s 100th match in European competition ended in crushing disappointment. Never before has he exited the Champions League this early in the competition and the recriminations will ring long and hard.City fans savagely attacked Guardiola when they forgot once was the best,here is compilation of mean post.

Jason David Smith” Dear Pep!! That was garbage on your part. 1 sub, that’s it? 1 with only 6 mins to go? I though we had a great manager here?”

Denis Krdzalic ”Lol , leaving toure out of the line up … unbelievable … I don’t care what people say , pep is an idiot , has no idea what he’s doing . Completely lost . Go away and take bravo with you”

Phakamani Paxion Mhlongo ”Pep must start to learn from this. We need Joe Hart back. And descent defence. His starting 11 was very poor for me. Otamendi? Toure?”

Alina Iatiuc ”It was a huge pleasure to watch this game! It was spectacular Both teams played ’till the last second! Sergio Aguero is the unluckiest player tonight. He did have a lot of moments where he could score, but this is football, and Lady Luck chooses on her own, who is going to be the winner. AS Monaco and Manchester City deserved to pass, sadly, we have only one winner…
Congrats to Monaco, and huge respect to Manchester City

Alexander Daniëls ”I’m a fan of Bayern, Pep is overrated, he destroyed our club, trying to put Bernat on the left and Alaba in the middle, Xabi Alonso, Muller… and now he’s destroying City. You deserve a better trainer! Hart gone, getting one of the worst keepers that now sits on the bench..”

Martin Grande ”De Bruyne has been poor recently. I don’t care anyone says but he’s so out of form he can’t even string passes. Let’s face it I’ll rather lose now than get humiliated by the big teams. Bayern, Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventus could kill us big time.”

Martin Howell ”Pep your destroying everything Pellegrini built, you loser, 2 goals advantage wiped away by not playing one of our best legendary players in Yaya Toure, no otemendi, this is disastrous, league gone, out of the champions league, lets not forget we were in the semi finals last season under Pellegrini without Gabriel J, Sane, playing that useless Bravo instead of Joe Hart or Caballero, we have the FA cup left, we might not even win that. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the starting lineup, without Yaya Youre, we don’t win big games without him, Pep your arrogance is destroying our club, get out, it’s unacceptable to finish the season without any success,careless manager experimenting in the elite club tournament and in the Premier League, you’ve been found out you fraud”

Christopher Carlessar ”All those bashing Pep, a manager cannot go to a club and immediately revamp the entire team. You have to show respect to the senior members. So all the cries for a new Defence, he knows this, just refreshing the club gradually. It really hurts to see us exit Champions League, but we’ll get to the level soon”

Jevon Taitt ”Chances wasted…That’s all I have to say right now…That second half Monaco Played nothing…We had Too many chances that would of put us beyond the finish line… Wow”

Bikram Dhoj Basnet ”Pep is a retard and we will only win the champions league when he is sacked or gone…….his football philosophy is useless no way city gonna win with his below par tactics ……we need a manager like zidane or simeone who have strong character not like pep who is weak in every prospect…”

Natehc Gurung ”What a same that we have to lose and to be honest Pep didn’t choose better team against Monaco who were far more better than our players. Should have played since start like they played in the second half I am totally Disappointed by the world expensive and best players who didn’t play like I was expecting.”




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