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Let the Games Begin

“Let the Games Begin” The world cup is here, yes

Events Happening This Weekend .
Crazy Funny LOL WTF

Events Happening This Weekend .

If you’re looking for a fantastic event to attend  this

Crazy Funny LOL WTF

Choosing Small Venues

Depending on what type of event you are organizing, small


Hilarious Memes In Relation to Biblical Stories, Black Twitter Need forgiveness.

Hilarious Memes In Relation to Biblical Stories, Black Twitter Need forgiveness.

I want to tell you about a place I go to when I’m in need of a laugh or inspiration. It’s place that keeps me in the know, and above all else, is like a fundamental home away from home.This place, my friends, is Black Twitter.For much of the black community, Black Twitter has become our sanctuary. It’s a place where we can connect, share stories and inside jokes. It is the virtual black lunch table.

What I will say, and rightfully so, is that once black people discovered memes, they made them an entirely new entity.Here is compilation of the fuuniest memes from biblical sories;


Like for real fellas, how many of y’all would’ve believed her 😂😂. Her & Jesus would’ve been homeless if my DNA & the babies didn’t match; So a lot of y’all niggas would’ve missed out on a blessing cause your treatment of other human beings is so awful lol.


Abraham was I think the most willing out of anyone in the bible to serve and do as God commanded.I bet Sarah was like ‘aw hell nah’ when Abraham told her that day’s events..’uh honey, I had to sacrifice our son…’ Sara goes ‘WHAT?!?!’ Abraham says…’but God put a ram in the thicket so I didn’t have to. He’s ok now. 🙂‘ Sarah…’don’t talk to me’ haha


Actually that’s not the first reply Adam made when God asked him ” who ate the apple”. Adam first reply was ” It was the woman you gave me, so indirectly he was blaming God.


bru this are cracking me up.I had nathing to say picture killing me,😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


Yea, I’ve always wondered the questions/conversations afterward….”Well, if dad asks me to come up the mountain with him again., NOPE!” I’m so hurt over this one….i know this for real would be my face…😂😂🤣



He won thoe😂😂ppl used sling shots to kill animals!.. What u think will happen if I sling a stone at yo head? And u running with sword? 😂 neva bring a knife to gun fight…Those sling shots can do some damage but this meme did it for me😂😂



I am fucking weak. Y’all gone stop playing with the Lord.Kane looking back at Abel’s behavior brah

12799270_1112091375481470_2707284159138135091_nLol, classic. But One big mistake though..Lucifer and Satan aren’t one in the same. In scripture when speaking about Satan, He is referred to as The Dragon, The ancient Serpent, also He was a Sarraphim angel. Lucifer is a man, probably a nephalim.


Hahahahaaa.. This is the funniest of all these shitballs!… Lol.. WTF…Joseph maybe was like This bitch is cheating face lmfao😓😓😓😂😂


when u always wonder why I’m laughing so hard every time 😂😂 Hold on !! He only started sinking because he took his eyes off God and lost faith and got afraid ! Dont want anybody to loose faith here !

12814533_1112091425481465_3474870872427833118_n“Uuuhh Able ? U talking bout Able from across the street? Nawl God ion think I seen him”😂😂😂😂 why u askin me u act like I’m his keeper or sumn!this was  way too rude!!!!!!


Hahahahahaha…who did this?This is easily the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.heartbreaking lolol…I was teaching the kids in Sunday school about Noah’s ark and we just did this story on Sunday lolol….this is too funny..


Only people who watch football understand the relationship between this picture and the quote. Arsenal supporters who are believer laughed hard at this one, yet sad at the same time, hahahahahahaha!!!!


This one is the winner ! 🙌😂😂😂😂 this was my favorite one lmao I didn’t know if I like it, love it or laugh at it ahahaha

10400719_1112091572148117_4095437940356285487_nHe like yyye young ma, i heard u da baddest ’round this joint. How ’bout we go for a walk, eat some apples you know, hang out…”Moral of the story; put down the fruit, pick up a burger. Fruit is bad for you.



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