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Top 6 events to attend this weekend 25th Oct 2013

This weekend is a big one when it comes to

Prison Break Season 5 Premiere April 2017

Prison Break Season 5 Premiere April 2017

After a seven year break, Prison Break will return for

A few epic things are going happening this week and Sepetuka will be one of them

A few epic things are going happening this week around the world and Sepetuka will be one of them if you are in Kenya. That I can promise. How do I know this? It’s a collection of facts and gut feeling, mostly the latter. I’ve ever been to Septuka once, it’s not like there have been that many editions anyway but it was awesome and this time it’s Deja vu. So, let’s go back through memory lane, Sepetuka’s hits and misses since its inception. Sit back and relax

2008: Sepetuka edition 1

Date: 22 Nov 2008

Venue: Carnivore samba salon

Attendance: Lots of guys

Weather condition: A rainy Saturday night

Ticket: 300 bob

Experience: The marketing guys obviously did a good job in drawing the crowd in but were failed by the planning guys and God had different rainy plans for the night. Final result, lots of people in a small venue and being rained on = disaster, at least that what the people who attended said. Thank God I didn’t.

2009: Sepetuka edition 2

Date: Can’t find the info online, it was before high schools closed. It was strategic.

Venue: Carnivore Grounds this time they had 2 stages, good move.

Attendance:  a Lot of guys than 2008

Weather condition: perfect

Ticket: 400 bob


Experience:  This time it was well organised, thy had Nonini, Madtracks, Redsan, Meja with his hit single ‘Niko poa’ et al. Dj John of homeboys, Dj styles and some other 2 UK Silver star Deejays duo of Randy and Gassy or something like that.

In one word, it was “Awesome” yes, this I attended but I can only remember a few details of the performances because of the chemical warfare I was dealing with at the time. They kept it mostly local. It was the best I ever had as well as most guys. Concert.  Oh! I lost my phone, a Motorola L7, the kind of phones you used to see in movies. No regrets though. I had mad fun


2010: Sepetuka edition 3

Date: Sometime early November

Venue: Carnivore Grounds

Attendance: A lot more guys than 2009

Weather Condition: Perfect

Ticket: 700 bob

The Experience: The concert is growing by size and price the organisers are getting cocky so they decide to fly in Alaine from Jamaica and our very own Wyre the Love child and STL. Perfect. Lots of hype from the media and around town. This I didn’t attend, Sh 700 was too much for me to afford at that time. All is well that starts well and ends well, well this started well but didn’t end well. The kibera mob had other plans, very few made home with their phones while walking to the stage in the morning. Organisers please take care of that this time round

2011: Sepetuka edition 4

Date: 5th Nov

Venue: Carnivore Grounds

Attendance: Lots of people

Weather Condition: Perfect

Ticket: 1000 bob

Experience: Did I say the organisers were getting cocky, this time they decide to bring Konshens, riding on Alaine’s success the previous year and of course a few other local musicians. It was a flop. They had slowly lost the audience they had during the 2009 and 2010 events.



2012: No Sepetuka, Guess it was back to the drawing board or whatever they call it in the organising business.







2013: Sepetuka edition 5

Date: 30th Nov

Venue: Carnivore

More details here

My2cents: They have the like 20 top international and local DJs battling it out for more than 16 hrs. A local and fresh musicians, Rabbit, Sage,Muthoni DQ, Fena and Habida. It seems they are doing 2009 all over again. Deja vu. Frankly it has epic written over it.   See you there



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